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Hi friends!! I’ve finally decided to join this wonderful world of blogging.  A world full of creatives that makes this process seem so easy.  A world where it seems only the “perfect” dwell with the Pinterest model home, aesthetically pleasing insta feed, and unlimited travel budget.  A world where, at times, products seem to have more value than content. A world where there’s a how-to guide for EVERYTHING and fashion details are overhelmingly categorized. A world that I stayed away from for so long as feelings of inadequacy consumed my mind.  How could I, a small town girl (who is often times the biggest hot mess), make an impact?  Although this is yet to be determined, I have finally decided that fear, perfectionism, and doubt will NO LONGER hinder me from using my voice to empower and inspire others!! 

So here I am, a recovering perfectionist, trying to navigate through this thing called life. Exposing my past struggles with an eating disorder, body dysmorphia, and comparison. Exposing my fears and insecurities and how perfectionism has controlled my life. Exposing my faith and how truth has helped me find beauty in the mess. 

Exposure is not easy my friends and there’s a loss of control that comes with exposing your insecurities and fears.  Let’s be real… who really likes to be vulnerable?  So fun, right? Yeah… that’s a negative. There’s a lot of people that shy away from exposing the reality of what they’re going through to avoid being vulnerable. I know this because I’ve lived it for years, pretending everything was ok, staying busy to avoid the reality of things that I didn’t want to face. Overcompensating by trying to reach a million goals to find security in my success.  Where did this leave me? Successful yes, in regards to reaching goals, but exhausted and empty nonetheless.  After a while, the pretending gets old.  It can change you, strip you of your true identity and hinder you from living out your unique calling.
Unfortunately, there are so many people pretending to have it all together, hiding from who they truly are. Hence why I’m starting this blog... to create a platform where I can to inspire, encourage, and empower women to live boldly in who they are uniquely created to be.  To passionately pursue their dreams without hesitation. To unapologetically know their worth and stand firm regardless of the circumstance. The heartbeat behind this blog is to help prevent women from going through the self-destructive damage that comes with not knowing their worth. 

I wish I could say that I’m taking this step of faith without fear, but I’d be lying. Yep, there’s still fear there, but the difference now is my faith is bigger than my fear, and the truth of who God says I am takes precedence over the doubt. I also have surrounded myself with some ultimate boss babes (you know who you are) and have a community of strong, faith-filled women that encourage me to be the best version of myself daily!!

I am incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to share with you my stories and more so for you reading this far! My hope for you is that you will leave my page inspired, encouraged, and empowered! Thanks for joining me on this new venture!